Social media is the newest victim to malware and malicious activity.? The large growing popularity of each site has claimed the attention of hackers and malicious software around the world.

The size of the user groups are the most attractive to spyware and virus spreaders as they are targetting more numbers whom are bound to become infected if they do not know what they are looking for: here’s how to stay safe…

The biggest target of Facebook users is through their messaging system.? While the other sections of random posts on walls or instant chat requests are definite posibilities for the spread of malware, they are uncommon at the time and are?not as developed as the malicious messaging attacks.

Facebook users are lured to clicking messages with adult-language text which attempts them to click on the message to open up and find an adult surprise.? They attach files and zips that have general names such as in hopes that users open them and unzip them on their hard drive.

Twitter attracts links to malicious PDF’s and EXE files which cause similar damange.

The best advice is to always be aware of who you allow yourself to be friends with.? Not only would it be safer in terms of being only visible to friends but you will save yourself a ton of unwanted attention.? If you ever recieve a message from someone you do not know, delete it and do not open it.? NEVER download anything from a message or click a link on twitter from an account you are not familiar with.

Once again Google is your friend.? Do a quick search on the account user name that is sending you the information and see if it is already on the internet, if it comes up with some results, chances are someone has reported them already or had similar problems.

As always, use our forums?as another line of defense if you have any further questions!