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If you have an after market hard disk drive 500GB – 1TB chances are your PS3 was bricked by the latest update. You can fix it yourself in 3 easy steps. Power OFF the PS3 Press and HOLD the power key until the system power cycles three times Re-update your firmware. Why does this work? […]

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The new iPad HD was released this afternoon by Apple and I am not on board with the bandwagon that seems to be marveled by the newest Cupertino based offering. The iPad boasts a new higher resolution, a faster processor and…well, that’s mainly about it.? The name hasn’t even been confirmed! Is it the iPad3, […]

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Every Black Friday and Cyber Monday has crazy deals on electronics.? While most will splurge for a new laptop or a new TV to boast their advancement in the technological era, they forget to look at accessories or peripherals that accent those products and take them to a higher level of performance and enjoyment. TVs, […]

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LCD screens are everywhere. The most sensitive ones are probably on your HDTV, computer monitor or notebook. However, many smart phones, tablets and e-readers have non-glare or oleophobic (grease resistant) coatings on their LCD screens. While you may be tempted to grab a bottle of window cleaner, chances are the ammonia in it will eventually […]

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Years ago, the two biggest factors when building a new desktop computer are price and performance.? Today, there is a new added component to consider when putting together a machine, which is energy efficiency. Modern computers must be powerful, cheap and equally importantly, they must be green!? Computers that use less power promote green initiatives […]

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