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Ever wonder what’s going on in the tech world?? Rumors, gossip.every other field has it, celebrities, science, politics; so why not the technology group. I’ve been scouring the web the past couple days looking for the most popular stories/rumors/news/facts and have compiled a list of some bullet points I thought the readers would find interesting […]

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Do all firewalls have a separate function? They function the same in their basic modes, but they have differences which make worth noting. Most firewalls are the same. I first want to give information about what firewalls are exactly. Then, in showing the difference between three firewalls so you may see what is wrapped in […]

Once done over the telephone, is now widespread like wildfire all over the internet. What is it, you ask? Phishing Phishing is criminally fraudulent robbery of personal information through the basis of cracking or asking for passwords. Its tactics are a subcategory of those related to identity theft. Instead of personal one-on-one telephone calls, every […]

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Theres a new dynamic duo in town, fighting spyware, malware, viruses and infections better then any combination put together. They’ve become the new replacement for the old alliance between spybot and ad-aware; except they weren’t blessed with such easy names… Check out the top pair of trusted geek computer protection software and make sure you […]

I just got a new computer from the Holiday festivities and now that it’s all plugged in, I’m scared to go online without a good anti-virus; I’ve seen what it could do to a machine (explaining the new one for the holidays!)? What is the best type of anti-virus out there?? I haven’t heard the […]

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