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How do I transfer My Favorites folder to my flash drive? ?I have been trying and nothing is happening.? I want to move it from one computer to the next and backup my favorites folder. If you would like to back up your favorite websites from your browser, you can back up the links straight […]

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Fake positive infections are becoming a growing security threat within themselves across the cyber community today.? A fake positive is any warning or advisor that flashes a pop-up or message that claims your computer is infected with a virus or malware,? but in reality, you’re not under attack from the accused infection. The security threat […]

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User-centered design and technical design are two big aspects in deciding what search technology works. New search technology is mainly centered on how a user gets the information. Similar to how school teachers teach students, is how technology leaders develop search engines. I will explain some of the new technologies and give some references.

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Whenever I open any of my browsers, Internet Explorer keeps redirecting to random pop-ups like url.adtrgt.com.? How do I fix this.? My Norton scan does not do anything.? Thanks! Well you are certainly on the right track that Norton does not do much with fixing spyware and virus problems.? It looks like you got something […]

I cannot get into Hotmail email account.? I really need it to send information for jobs. Please help me!!!!! Sometimes, logging into accounts can be difficult with firewalls as well as plain “rookie” mistakes.? I would recommend trying to log in from another computer to make sure its not a typing error or caps lock […]

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