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Apple phones have a Find my iPhone feature, did you know that Android phones have something similar? You can ring your lost phone on a webpage using a desktop computer, or on an app using a tablet or other device. The webpage is called Android Device Manager, and can be found here: https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager You can […]

Motorola released the newest update to their tablet line with the new Xyboard (unofficially the Xoom 2).? With the recent underwhelming release of the newest iPad, it’s curious if this tablet could finally catch up and overcome the barriers that separate the Android vs. iOS tablet offering. It has a large screen, comes with a […]

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First it was minutes, then it was texting and now it will be data.? Shared family plans for data are just around the corner from the major wireless providers and it’s about time! I have 5 phones on my family plan, 4 are smart phones.? I was ‘lucky‘ enough to get all of them on […]

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The new iPad HD was released this afternoon by Apple and I am not on board with the bandwagon that seems to be marveled by the newest Cupertino based offering. The iPad boasts a new higher resolution, a faster processor and…well, that’s mainly about it.? The name hasn’t even been confirmed! Is it the iPad3, […]

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The Motorola Droid Bionic is Verizon Wirelesses current powerhouse LTE Android powered smartphone. Packed with a dual core 1 GhZ processor, a 4.3 qHD screen and an LTE high speed data connection, the Droid Bionic is a serious option for high end business and home users who want all the bells and whistles stuffed into […]

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