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Editor note: This was originally posted on 25yearsofprogramming.com which has since gone offline Security precautions before you start using PHP on your Apache server, step by step Introduction – what is PHP? PHP is a server side scripting language. You can embed PHP code in your web pages along with HTML. When your server receives […]

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The Heur.Dropper virus is a low threat level trojan that has a reputation to cripple anti-virus products such as AVG. While it is not one of the most malicious pieces of malware to have on your computer, it should still be removed before it causes any performance issues or worse!

Facebook profile pages are still growing with more and more people of all age groups joining the social networking giant. If you are someone who would like to protect some of their information, you should be no stranger to the privacy settings of Facebook, which helps hide, restrict and limit the viewing capabilities of the […]

Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 was announced as the new successor to the original Security Essentials suite found on many Windows computers.? Microsoft was aiming to develop a more comprehensive piece of software that was lighter, faster and easier to use while cutting out some of the unnecessary features from the original security suite While I […]

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Cell phones are becoming increasingly common for the young and old, with each age group relying on their mobile device for more and more types of usage. Whether you use your cell phone to make calls and text, or you’re right up there with the latest technology surfing the web, paying bills, looking into the […]

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