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Pinterest is the newest wave of social networking that has swept the internet and added an explosion of new users in the past few months.? Pinterest is a social site where users create virtual pin-boards to share, collect, organize and display all of their interests from the web; an online pinning cork board! The site […]

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A new or formatted computer is always exciting because it helps restore the machine’s original speed. A solution for many slow problems with a computer can easily be solved and fixed by reformatting your computer hard drive and wiping off all your old programs and data that were hogging vital system resources.? The only problem […]

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Microsoft is finally ready to release Internet Explorer 9 to its official launch stage.? The beta and RC copies have been out for quite some time, but its official tonight at midnight EST. Download your copy here tonight and let us know what you think!? We’ll have a review coming along shortly!

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Facebook has had constant changes over the past few years, introducing new features and redesigns of their popular website. Out of those changes, a new photo viewer has emerged with a large black rectangle framing around the picture itself.? This theater view has been subject to a popular amount of criticism that shockingly enough has […]

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Facebook profile pages are still growing with more and more people of all age groups joining the social networking giant. If you are someone who would like to protect some of their information, you should be no stranger to the privacy settings of Facebook, which helps hide, restrict and limit the viewing capabilities of the […]

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