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iPad Resources

So you bought an iPad…now what?? Are you new to Apple or looking for a change of apps from the one on your iPhone or iPod Touch? Check out this article?for some resources on how to get started with your iPad and some links to must-have apps. Beware of the games section, I am not […]

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I’ve heard of fast food chains offering wifi but this new technological innovation for the fast food industry has got me beat. Burger King announced its new “Musical Showers” concept in Japan for users to plug in their mp3 devices and enjoy their choice of music while eating their BK food…

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I was browsing around on the Palm Pre Plus today and downloaded an app called “Drinking Trivia” which had some interesting facts about technology. I compiled a list of some of my favorite facts that I thought people would find interesting.? There are some shocking pieces of trivia so read it and pass it along […]

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Ever wonder what’s going on in the tech world?? Rumors, gossip.every other field has it, celebrities, science, politics; so why not the technology group. I’ve been scouring the web the past couple days looking for the most popular stories/rumors/news/facts and have compiled a list of some bullet points I thought the readers would find interesting […]

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