Adding a password on your phone will definitely help keep unwanted ‘text’ readers or snoopers away from your personal and private life.

If you’re looking to put a little more wall up besides the slide to unlock feature on most Android phones, I suggest you use some of the cool ways Google has created to lock your phone.

Gear up to privatize your phone again!

I can’t stand when people snoop and read other peoples private texts and emails!? Android has a couple cool ways to password protect your phone without using 3rd party apps.

While there are tons of apps out there you can use to lock and password protect your phone, I never trust passwords or protecting stuff using 3rd party apps because you never know which information is going out where and who has control over your stuff once you allow access on your phone.

Go into your settings menu on your phone and navigate into the location & security settings page.? If you scroll about half way down, you can find a “Set up screen lock,” option.? Choose either a pattern (to draw on the screen), a pin (similar to one that you use for your debit card) or a password (like the one you have to sign on to your computer or email) and set that for your phone!

Now every time you choose to lock and then unlock your phone, it will now require a password!