I bought a new iPod video and it was working great, but I removed it from the charger port this morning and it had a “sad” iPod face on it with X’s for the eyes and a link to Apple Support on the screen.? The Apple Genius said I need a new hard drive but that would cost almost another $100 dollars.anything I can do about it?

The iPod has become such a universal device where we cannot imagine life without it.? Personally, I remember forgetting my iPod before heading out the door and my workout was the worst experience I had at the gym.I had to listen to that Euro-tech gunk they blast over the speakers.? I had a friend come to me with the same problem you are describing.? He told me he hasn’t damaged it or remembered dropping it, as I asked him the typical questions, and he wasn’t sure why the iPod would just stop working like that with such a cynical face for customers.

I took some time to research the problem and found a solution that does work.? I advise all readers who are attempting this fix to be advised that it is not something normal, and please exercise this option with caution.? Always take your iPod into the Genius bar before trying this method but I’ve never been let down since I’ve started using it.

The iPod usually gives you this warning if the hard drive inside the music player has fallen out of alignment or just had a faulty connection.? The trick that I use just sets the hard drive back in its place and helps anything that might be coming loose inside.

The best way to do this is to drop it on a surface about 1 to 2 feet in the air.? The keyword is “drop” and not “slam.” Now I bet a ton of you just stopped to re-read the last couple sentences, and no, there was no typo.? By letting it fall down onto a padded surface, such as your mouse pad or a pad of paper, you’re letting it get a little force to bump everything back into place.? I do not recommend doing this on tile floors or brick fireplaces, but something padded or cushioned; a thicker carpet floor works great as well.

Try this a couple times before you shell out some more money to get a new hard drive, it should work and it’s fun!? My last caution is to advise that the trip back from the Apple store can be frustrating after finding out this news, so take a walk before you handle your electronics.