Losing a product key or an installation CD for expensive software can be a big hassle.? They make re-installations of the software seem impossible and improbable.? In the tech world today, most software is available for instant download via the internet or trial versions are released by providers which can be activated to full editions with the appropriate product keys.

With that known, it makes the product keys even more valuable…so how do you prevent from ever losing those keys!

One way to protect your product keys is to write them down and store them electronically in a protected file on your computer or in your email.? It is important to know that this means that anyone can steal your product keys if your computer is hacked.

If you have installed products on your computer and lost their installation disks and product manuals, there is a way to save those keys!

A great free program to use is System Information for Windows.? Not only is it free, but it is very easy to use.? Simply install the software and look under the licenses tab to copy down and save any existing keys for products you have on your computer if you ever need to use them again to reinstall software.

As stated above, most software is available for at least trial versions online so you should be able to use your product keys to activate a full edition of a trial software!