I leave Outlook running almost all the time. However, when I minimize it, the Outlook button stays visible in the taskbar. How do I hide it so that only the Outlook icon is visible in the system tray (by the clock)?

I’m always surprised how many people minimize Outlook, and the leave taskbar button visible. This is because the default Outlook settings display both the system tray icon, and Outlook taskbar button. The button takes valuable real estate on the taskbar, and really isn’t needed. It’s also very easy to hide:

1. Right click the Outlook icon in the system tray (near the clock).


2. From the popup menu, select Hide when Minimized. This will add a checkmark next to your selection.


The notification area, or system tray is only available in Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you have Windows 2000, ME, 98, or earlier this is not available.