I would like to know if I can get a virus or if it safe to download mixtapes from a website….if not where is a good place to download mixtapes?? I’ve heard when you download music, you have to be very careful.? Thanks for your help for this problem.

Downloading music has become one of the TOP ways to contract a virus or worse on your computer!? There are very few options out there that offer safe ways to download music to your computer.? Here are some options for you!

Buy your music: That is the only safe way to download music offline unless an author posts their music to be free.? Use programs like iTunes or Windows Media Player to purchase your music and download it legally to your PC.? The cost of purchasing individual music is much more rewarding then spending countless hours of time trying to remove infections from illegal websites or losing your identity to malicious files that will send credit card numbers or worse to other companies if you contract those infections.

Look online for websites that offer artists who are looking to be discovered or trying to make a name for themselves.? Many of these artists allow free downloads or give samples for people to pass around.

Browse iTunes for mixtapes, many producers or artists will release these types of downloads for a small price that you can download legally.? Browse PureVolume or Myspace pages for artists who willing to give up their music for free!

Remember, if it looks sketchy or too good to be true, it probably is and will lead to more problems!