Google phones are the future of our cell industry due to the customization and stability the operating system platform offers.

Our friends at Verizon were able to give us another review unit of the Droid X and I can honestly say I think this phone will start the new wave of phones to come.

While the Droid X does not have a front facing camera (its biggest drawback) it contains a plethora of features that no other phone in its class offers.

The wave of new cell phones brings on more slim designs, larger screens and more power.? The Droid X is the new standard with the 1 GHZ processor, large display screen and ultra thin case.

Where the Droid X and other Android phones set themselves apart is the software that allows a unique manufacturer to customize the UI (user interface) how ever they deem appropriate.? That open source type of design is a HUGE advantage Android has over iPhones and Windows Mobile devices.

This Verizon device also powers an on-board DLNA app which is the best I’ve ever used.? Having the ability to integrate all forms of media (like shipping a video file from your computer to a basement theater screen) is fantastic, especially from your cell phone.? DLNA and streaming across networks will come into homes more mainstream this year.? Devices are being designed to be DLNA capable and operating systems like Windows 7 are encouraging features like Play-To.

I think the Droid X is the most solid device out on the market for any novice to expert in the mobile industry.? Back that with the service from Verizon Wireless and their soon to be LTE technology and you have the best that money can buy.