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Community based tech support

What the Tech offers free tech support. This valuable service is available because of ads shown to visitors, and the great support of volunteers who dedicate their free time because they enjoy sharing their knowledge and helping others.

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Microsoft Windows ? question? Infected by a virus, spyware, fake alert? Maybe you’re building your first computer? We’re here to help. In addition, if you can help others, feel free to post a reply! Exceptions apply to the infections removal forum. Only trained staff members are allowed to reply, for your safety.



What happens now? You’ve registered and created a topic. How do you know if someone has replied? Relax, you don’t need to keep checking this site. The email address you used when registering, will receive topic notification reply emails, automatically notifying you of any replies.

How do I ask a question?

Don’t worry, online forums can be intimidating. We were all rookies at one time. The good news? It’s really pretty easy!

forum Chose an Appropriate Forum

The first step is to select the appropriate place to ask your question. The community of volunteers here mostly specialize in specific areas of expertise. Placing your question in the appropriate area will increase the odds of a fast, and quality response.

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Click the “New Topic” button to open a post screen where you can ask a question of your own. Note: you must register before starting a new topic. Only registered members are allowed to start new topics, or reply to existing ones.

type Type Your Question

There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Don’t be afraid to ask yours. While some staff members have links to offer an optional donation AFTER help has been received, there is no expectation. The help you receive here really is 100% free. Please describe your question fully. The more information the better.

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