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It can be annoying when you’ve finished reading your emails, and yet Outlook’s inbox is flagged with one or more unread messages. Even when that’s clearly not the case. It can be more than one cause, so here are some tips:

The first method works inside Outlook:

  • In the search box for current mailbox, type: read:no and hit the Enter key.
  • It will display a link to Find more on the server. Click the link. Unread email(s) may appear. Next click Mark all as read, or open the unread emails.
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The second method involves going to the web access:

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Editor note: This was originally posted on 25yearsofprogramming.com which has since gone offline

Security precautions before you start using PHP on your Apache server, step by step

Introduction – what is PHP?

PHP is a server side scripting language. You can embed PHP code in your web pages along with HTML. When your server receives a request for a page, it first gives the page to the PHP handler program. The PHP handler outputs HTML code as-is, but when it encounters PHP commands, it executes them. Any HTML generated by the PHP commands is also output. The end result is a web page with content that has been customized on the server before being sent to whoever requested it.

PHP has capabilities that make it a potential security risk:

  • It can receive and process data from the “outside world”
  • It can be programmed to actively fetch data from anywhere on the internet
  • It is able to read and write files on the server

If you have a website, you can expect to be under constant attack from robots attempting to a) “send in” malicious data and scripts from the outside world, b) trick your server into fetching malicious scripts and running them, c) read and write files on your server. Their goal is to take control of your site and use it for their own purposes.

This article gives configuration settings for PHP and rules for PHP coding that are effective at blocking the most common types of attacks. The configuration lines are few and the rules are simple.

There are two files where PHP configuration commands can go: php.ini or Apache .htaccess.

You should use php.ini as your first choice, if you can. You should be able to use it if:

  • You are on shared hosting at a webhost that uses suPHP or any other configuration that allows individual users to create their own php.ini files. If in doubt, ask them.
  • You are on dedicated hosting (your own rented server), or
  • You host your own website on your own server.

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Apple phones have a Find my iPhone feature, did you know that Android phones have something similar?

You can ring your lost phone on a webpage using a desktop computer, or on an app using a tablet or other device.

The webpage is called Android Device Manager, and can be found here: https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager


You can also lock or erase your device if it’s lost.


The app is called Android Device Manager and can be found in the Google Play store, or here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.adm



Finally, another option if you can’t find your phone around the house, but don’t have access to another phone to call it is: www.wheresmycellphone.com

If you have an after market hard disk drive 500GB – 1TB chances are your PS3 was bricked by the latest update. You can fix it yourself in 3 easy steps.

  1. Power OFF the PS3
  2. Press and HOLD the power key until the system power cycles three times
  3. Re-update your firmware.

Why does this work? The 1st boot is normal. The 2nd boot is video reset mode. The 3rd boot is safe mode, bypassing the broken firmware.

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Motorola released the newest update to their tablet line with the new Xyboard (unofficially the Xoom 2).? With the recent underwhelming release of the newest iPad, it’s curious if this tablet could finally catch up and overcome the barriers that separate the Android vs. iOS tablet offering.

It has a large screen, comes with a great battery life, supports 4G LTE Internet speeds and looks gorgeous…ingredients for success, but is it enough to warrant my vote over the newest iPad?? Let’s find out:

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