Do have a multi-PC household? Are you considering upgrading them to Vista? Microsoft for the first time is offering a Family Pack to reward multiple-PC households.

There are some pretty restrictive conditions, but also some attractive pricing. You must first own Vista Ultimate, either the full version or an upgrade. Between 30 January ? 30 June visit a special website Once you enter your Ultimate key, you will be able to purchase up to two additional keys for Vista Home Premium at the reduced price of $49.99 each. Suggested retail price for Home Premium upgrade is $159.

Since all versions of Vista are included on the DVD, there’s nothing to download. Using the new keys, simply use the same media that you used to install Ultimate to install Home Premium.

I think this would be a better offer it wasn’t restricted to this Ultimate -> Home Premium combo, but it’s a good start. It will be an attractive upgrade path for many multiple-PC households.