I’ve heard some things about this Windows Steadystate but I’m curious as to what it is?? As a parent, is it something I can use at home or is it for big business and schools?

Windows Steadystate is the newest way to share a computer with multiple users.? Dubbed as a “successor to Shared Computer Toolkit,” Windows Steadystate is ready for Windows XP and Vista users, but don’t be fooled; it’s a great addition for any household!

Windows Steadystate is a tool to share a PC across multiple users.? It allows users to configure hard drives, settings, options, preferences and all the way to website browsing; hence the suggestion to install it in home PC’s.

Windows Steadstate is great for businesses and schools because it can work on a large scale work group network but is customizable to standalone PC’s.

The easy installation of Windows Steadystate makes it a program recommended for users of all technology levels, just install it, configure it and forget about it!

To learn more and download Windows Steadystate, navigate here and visit the official Windows Steadystate page.

*Note: Windows Steadystate is NOT compatible with Windows 7.? I expect some sort of similar program out for Windows 7 sometime in the near future!