Microsoft has a big day tomorrow with the revealing of the the new Windows Phone 7.? As expected, Microsoft planned for a huge overhaul and redesign after watching its mobile share diminish over the past few years to RIM, Apple and the exponentially growing Android OS.

CEO Steve Ballmer will be in New York on Monday to announce the new operating system and show off its key features.? While mobile phones only make up 1% of the tech giant’s revenue, analysts say this is a huge moment for Microsoft.

There is no denying the growth of the Android platform, which has skyrocketed at an astronomical spread rate.? Personally, I do not see the Windows Phone operating system to be a big splash in the water with some of the preview shots leaked, so I’m hoping to be surprised at the release.

While the hardware manufacturers have been kept a bit secret, some of the new phones designed for the new operating system are boasting revolutionary hardware that are not found in the current iPhone or top Android smartphones.

Analysts are skeptical about the growth of the phone platform, with some claiming that they expect to decline to as little as 3.9% in 2014.

In my best opinion, I wish that Microsoft would release an operating system that closely tied into their global PC dominance.? Integrate the phone with your computer better and allowing seamless file sharing, integration with the media players and functions on a Windows PC and allow for a better tie with the gaming market it has in the Xbox platform.? They have a long way to go to catch up to the dominance that RIM and the iPhone has set up, not to mention the fight with another growing platform from Google.

In order to gain growth, Microsoft will have to release something big, something incredibly different and something that is not bloatware or bogged down with a ton of Microsoft products (such as forcing people to integrate with Hotmail instead of Gmail).