Microsoft has struggled recently after the release of Windows Vista with many users wondering how does Vista make life easier for me or what were the improvements from Windows XP?? Steve Ballmer was very intent on making his audience know the point and design of Windows 7.

Ballmer was quick to jump out last Thursday about how Windows 7 was designed and what types of machines will be optimal for the software.? He covered the wide versatility of the new OS and the different types of technology we can expect to see coupled with.

Ballmer ready to sell

“There’s nothing that get’s me more excited than releasing a new piece of software that’s going to change the world…and I get to sell it.”? You could see the enthusiasm in the Microsoft CEO as he proclaimed his new found love in the vast features of Windows 7.

PC Forms

He was quick to jump to where Windows 7 has grown to, including netbooks, ultrathin laptops and even the gaming industry.? Windows 7 offers a wide variety of flavors to cator to all the needs of technology out there currently.? Netbooks, which are very limited in their hardware as they are made more for portability, only require the basic functions of the OS.? For that, Windows 7 has a Basic flavor to deliver only the crucial components and vital foundational parts rather then bog down the CPU and hog the system resources; its truly becoming lighter and less of a resource hog!

Why Windows 7- Where its improved

So what makes Windows 7 better then the old release of Vista or XP?? It makes your experience personal, it simplifies your everyday tasks and makes new things possible.? Each desktop, icon, picture, touch gesture, music selection, widgets, taskbars, etc. can be personalized for each individual user.? I would figure this most useful in a family where Dad and Mom might prefer a more professional look and feel to their browsing with a widget to show how their portfolio is preforming, but the kids are still able to set their wallpapers to Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers and keep the games they play most only a click away from the task bar!

Windows simplifies tasks; it was made to be easier to use.? Things such as opening explorer windows, or navigating for files or trying to check the weather are only 1 click away!? They truly kept simplicity in mind and did not cloud the everyday “stuff” behind the new powerful and new parts of the software.? Windows 7 is also the first to boast multi-touch capabilities, have a larger variety of home entertainment features (such as DVR service or Netflix) and it has new regular user experience features such as snap to side or my personal favorite, “the wiggle,” which allows you to grab a window, shake or “wiggle” the screen and it will minimize all other screens except for the one you hold.

Windows is truly allowing for a “life without walls.”? I think what separates Windows with Apple and Mac OS X software is the ability for Windows to have a much larger communication ability with other peripherals, gadgets and electronics.? Apple is limited to the iPhone or even Apple TV and their OS X software but Windows can communicate with all types of computers, laptops, cell phones, smart phones, blackberries, televisions, home theater systems, DVRs and TiVos…get the picture?

Life Without Walls

Especially after the Macbook Experience here on WhatTheTech, I still love my Mac, but I’m beginning to see that outside the computer, Windows is rapidly becoming the tech titan of industry it once was.? I personally can’t wait to re-wire the house electronics to be running from a Windows machine…not a Mac.