With the Verizon iPhone announcement this month, there has been a stir whether or not to invest in the iPhone 4 or wait for the new iPhone 5 that is expected sometime in the summer.

Apple typically has a 1 year cycle time for each iPhone so that puts the iPhone 5 to be released in July, but nothing official has been confirmed or denied by the tech giant.

Many blog writers have been saying to wait for the extra 5 months from the release date of the iPhone 4 on February 10th, but on the contrary, I say to buy the iPhone 4 without hesitation.

Most are saying to wait for the iPhone 5 due to the short wait of another 5-6 months and the exciting new possibilities of new technology that is going to come out.? With no real improvements technologically in the iPhone 4 except for an antenna fix, people seemed a bit hesitant to purchase the phone.

Come February 10th, you can bet I will be upgrading my line to the new iPhone 4 without waiting for the 5th.? The 5th iPhone has yet to really have any major leaks or announcements that could possibly change my mind.? With only 5 months to go, you would figure that even though Apple is the most secretive company in the tech game, there would be some speculation about some hardware.? Hardware is obviously limited by the suppliers who provide the chips and technology to Apple so here is what I’ve gathered.

The new iPhone should be equip with a new 1.2GHz dual core processor (A9) that will also be in the iPad 2.? There may be an upgrade when it comes to some of the camera what not, but the design and size should be roughly the same.? As always, there could a minor upgrade to the screen to make it a bit more durable but the gorilla glass on the iPhone 4 is fantastic.? Any smaller of a resolution at the current screen size would require a pair of glasses to be in every box for those who have less then perfect vision.

I’m not worried about the dual core processor or the potential extra boost in speed…why?? Even as a techy who drools over the newest and greatest, there is NOTHING I can think of that would really require a dual core processor on my phone that the iPhone 4 would struggle with.? I always have a computer or netbook around that could take care of my needs.? Facetime over 3G will absolutely be an update I imagine, but I find it hard pressed that they would shun away the update to the current iPhone 4 users, as they would make up a large population of contacts to wipe out of the Facetime business if that happens.

The new iPhone 5 will be LTE (4G) I assume and have a dual CDMA/GSM chip.? I rarely travel overseas to have to worry about that, and LTE is an extra $20 dollars more to a $30 dollar data plan!? Do you really feel like spending an extra $240 bucks a year on top of the $360 you currently pay?? That’s a $600 dollar expense now, not including your phone or texting charges.

There may be a slot for a swappable microSD card, but whose really needing more than that 32GB option they have.? Apple will be streaming music from your iTunes library by the next iOS update.

For me, the wait is over.? I can’t wait to get my hands on the iPhone 4 for Verizon and I doubt many of you will be able to either.? You don’t need to fret about revolutionary technology being released in the iPhone.? If you’re worried about something better coming out the minute you buy your iPhone 4…well…welcome to technology.? It will happen on every single purchase you make.