Can you provide some thoughts on the Apple iPad?? I’m wondering what the tech people think about it and if it is worth buying.

Apple is known for its cutting edge innovation as well as its originality and smart designs.? I have to say that they missed the boat entirely with the new Apple iPad.

The iPad is the worst innovation to come out of Apple since Apple TV.? Will I be buying it the way it is now? No way; here’s why…

1.? Terrible design of the frame- trying to move this thing from room to room might call for some unwarranted commands from your thumbs which will cause more trouble then you can image.? I hate having to worry about butt dialing someone from my phone, why do I need to worry about picking up my computer now.

2.? No Multitasking- Uh, to me, this thing is just an oversized/overpriced iPod Touch.? The iPad is suppose to be in the netbook catagory.? When was the last time you saw a good and innovative computer that was designed to only open one program at the same time.

3.? No WebCam- The $299 netbooks have one, so should the iPad if it’s twice the price.

4.? All touch keyboard- no attachments or accessories for a mount.? Try sitting down watching TV and use this keyboard, you’ll get annoyed in a matter of minutes.? Awkward tilt anyone?


6.? Hidden costs- buying adapters to hook this up to my printer or any other USB device, let alone an output monitor.

The iPad is one of the worst products I’ve seen over hyped and to be honest, I’m disappointed with Apple Computers.? I expect great and cool products from the Apple to follow the line of the iPod or the iPhone, but the iPad was probably one I would expect from one of those companies that likes to half make products and then wait for a company like Apple to take it to the next level.? I guess I was wrong, anyone else agree?