I’ve been trying to send emails via Yahoo mail, and I keep getting a flash9b.ocx error. It shuts me down, closes Yahoo and sends an error report. What is flash9b.ocx and how do I get rid of it?

I wasn’t familiar with this problem, but while researching it seems Adobe has changed it’s naming convention. While they used to always use flash.ocx, now they may use flash9b.ocx, flash9c.ocx, etc. This causes compatibility problems with programs looking for flash.ocx.

This seems to be the easiest fix:

  1. Double click on My Computer on your desktop
  2. Click Local Disk C (or where Windows is installed)
  3. Click the Windows folder, and then the System32 Folder.
  4. In the System32 folder look for the Macromedia folder. Click on it, then right-click on flash9.ocx (flash9b, flash9c, etc).
  5. Click on Copy, then left click and select Paste.
  6. This will create a new file. Right click on that copied file and rename the file to flash.ocx Do not delete the original file.

That’s it!