Why is the use of cell phones banned on airplanes?? Is this a security reason or is just so it is not rude to other passengers?? I never questioned this but I’ve gotten curious about it.? Thanks so much for the help!

I never actually quite understood the true reasons myself until I did some research to answer this question.? It turns out its not so much as airport security as it is interference with instrumentation; similar to cell phones and hospitals.

Cell phones are banned where ever high level or important technology is implemented.? This technology is usually instrumental to aid an important process such as hospitals, research labs, or in this case: airplanes.

An airplane has numerous instrumentation devices such as the navigational or communications units and it is believed that a cell phone will operate at a frequency that would disturb the functional operation of those instrumentation devices.? There were thoughts early that airlines were just trying to get customers to use expensive air-phones located on the back of a seat, but there has been found truth to these new finds about interference from mobile devices.

There is a change however with newer devices coming out.? Many new mobile devices contain the ability to operate in an “airplane” mode which restricts power to certain parts of the device and operates the device at a lower frequency which is not thought to cause interference.

My advice: Why do you really need to be talking on an airplane.? It’s rude and you don’t want to be the one messing the airplane equipment up!