I’m trying to empty some files from the Windows Recycle Bin, but I can’t! Where can I find the recycle bin on my hard drive?

For many of us, the handy icon shortcut on our desktop is what we?ve come to rely on for our recycling needs, but others seek out the actual physical location on the C drive.

The folder resides at C:\Recycler but it is a hidden/protected operating system folder so there are settings that need to be changed before you are able to view it.

Here’s some simple instructions to get to the folder:

1. Open the My Computer Folder

2. Click on Tools/Folder Options and open the View Tab

3. Uncheck ?Hide Protected Operating System Files?

4. Go back to your C:\ drive (or whatever main partition you are using where your operating system is located)

5. Look for C:\Recycler