Welcome to the weekly closing thoughts at What the Tech. I decided I want to start adding a more personal thoughts and opinionated section here on the blog so I’m going to try towards the end of each week and speak my mind on some tech related events, news, stories and what not…I hope you enjoy!

It was a big week for the tech industry with Windows having its first full week after releasing Windows 7 and it’s been doing very well. It’s great to see the commercials include a bunch of the features about what Windows 7 is capable of, coupled with the usual family appeal it attempts to market. I think what really gets to me after the release is the Apple commercials…I mean…What the Tech?!

If you have yet to see any of the Apple commercials after the release of Windows 7, I suggest you YouTube a few.? I understand a couple of the commercials including the past promises of a Windows that has no issues or including some jeers at the sub par release of Windows Vista, but it’s become the only commercials that ever air from Apple.

Why hasn’t Apple released a commercial about the fine features of its new uni-body Macbooks it just engineered?? It has yet to show off any of the features of OS X like Windows has started to include in its air time, and it even includes bits on the hardware changes!

I have to give the higher road to Windows on this one and turn the other cheek to Apple.? After watching some of these commercials, I have to feel embarrassed about being a Mac owner and a little ashamed that they’ve given up a bit of class and pride.

Apple, fix your ways of marketing or you’re going to start losing a bunch of customers.? I think you need to start giving a little more respect of the true founders of the personal home computer.