Do you have the wuauclt.exe process hogging up tons of memory on your computer?? Are you unsure about this process and think that wuauclt.exe may be spyware or malware?

Before you go off deleting this process or freaking out that you are infected with some sort of new virus, make sure you are certain that wuauclt.exe is NOT the traditional process that runs the Windows updates!

I was reading on the internet and I’ve been coming across a ton of guides on how to remove wuauclt.exe as if it was malware!? Wuauclt.exe is not malware related so long as it is in the proper place but it may appear as one because at times it may cause a spike in CPU and memory usage.? This process runs the updater that checks for Windows updates and alerts you or may download them (depending on your setting) if a new update is available.

A great way to check on this is to make sure the process (when searched for) is in the C:\Windows\System32 folder and not running off another location; that would be malware.

Before you are quick to delete it, try moving your time to check for updates to a much later point in the day when you are certain not many people are using the computer.? You could also disable the downloading of updates and only be alerted when the computer has updates to download so you can choose the download time at your leisure.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry so before you go deleting anything off your computer, check with the experts on the forum today!