I just bought a new computer and I want to make sure I have an anti-virus on the computer before I go onto the internet.? My last computer died because I had too many viruses on it so before I even go onto the internet on the new one, I want some protection.? Do you recommend any good free anti-virus programs?? Will it offer the same protection as a paid anti-virus?

securityCongratulations on the new computer!? I’m glad you made sure to have some protection on the computer before you connected to a website online; you’re very right about how fast you can contract some nasty infections on a computer on an unprotected machine.

There are plenty of free options out there which can protect your computer but I recommend one of them more then the others.? Check it out below and feel free to use the download link I provide to obtain the program instantly.

The #1 Free Anti-Virus program I recommend to everyone is AVG Free.? It offers the best protection at a price you cannot argue with…$0.? It offers similar if not better protection then a lot of the paid options offered including some of the big names such as McAfee or Norton.

To download AVG Free, click this link and choose the newest release of the anti-virus.? Click on the free version link on the right and select Save to put the program .exe on your desktop.? After click on the newly downloaded file and install the program.? Be sure to update the program definitions to have the latest updates protecting your machine.

AVG will update automatically when your computer starts up and will only bother you to upgrade to a better version when released by the manufacture.? Let us know your experience and how you felt about the installation of AVG.