I have a Google account and I see something called Analytics.? I’m curious to what exactly is Google Analytics and how can I use it?? I know its about visitors on a website but can I use it on my blog?? Thanks

Google Analytics is a great tool for website owners everywhere!? I’m surprised you’re not using it on your blog; it could help take you to the next level!

Google Analytics is the best tool out on the market for tracking visitors, website stats and other web information directly with respect to your website.

Analytics is free, powerful and offers the best connection with Google because its a product directly from them!? To start using Analytics, go to your Google account and click on the Analytics icon to open a new account.

Right away, Google jumps straight to the game and create your profile.? Enter in your website information here:

Google will give you a html code for you to put into your blog somehow via an html editor or into a blog theme that will have a built in box for you to input your analytics code.

After your code is on your webpage, the mainpage of your website, you’re done.? Let the bot crawl through your website and within hours you’ll be tracking your website like never seen before.? Look at keywords people are using to target your website, hits, daily uniques, page views and more!

Use this information to tailor your website to target more users more efficiently.? Information is power, use it!