I was browsing around my computer and I came across something in a folder that I do not know what it is for and I want to make sure it is not harmful…so what is crc.exe-0cfd5083.pf? This is the first thing in my prefetch folder when i boot up my machine. Thanks for the help.

I’m glad to see that you take the time to browse around and look in certain folders for suspicious executable files such as this one and are inquiring about the ones you do not know before you delete them or remove them.? For some of our readers, let’s look at the prefetch folder and how it can help speed up your PC and then narrow in on your question and look at what the crc.exe file is and why it is in that folder.

The prefetch folder is a tools Windows uses to keep your machine thinking one step ahead to speed up your computing experience.? Every time you use your computer, Windows tries to monitor which programs you use the most and how many times you will open up that given program.? It stores and analyzes this information to form a prefetch folder which holds small files that Windows will use to help speed up your next experience.? The folder itself is a subfolder of the Windows system folders and never needs to be monitored or altered by the user.? In your specific case, I do not recommend deleting anything from here or trying to “clear” out the folder for space or what not because it will lengthen the time of your next computing experience and cause the programs to take longer to start up.

If any other tech on any forum or site advises you to clean out this folder, question them with this information!!

The crc.exe file belongs to the Comodo System Cleaner.? The cleaner part itself, is named Comodo Registry Cleaner (crc).? The program itself can be found, if installed at default location: C:\Programs\Comodo\system cleaner


If the Comodo System Cleaner is not installed anymore, the prefetch file can still linger in the prefetch cache.? This is the ONLY case where it is safe to delete/remove the file from the prefetch folder.

If you are using this program, I recommend you do not modify the file unless it is no longer on your PC and you do not have further plans for a reinstall!

I highly applaud you examining the processes on your machine and doing some manual “cleaning of house.”? I advise caution on anything you are not 100% sure on because it could be a file or folder that is necessary to run your machine and you may lose functionality of the PC!

*Credit for this solution goes to: Abydos, a valued tech team member in our forums.