The fine folks at Microsoft released an announcement the other day that the new Windows 7 phone OS will not have the “copy and paste” feature built into the native software intially.

While it does not say if they will allow support for it in later versions, they decided to ‘cut’ these features and replace them with a different type of single-tap technology.

Uh…What the Tech?? How can you just get rid of “copy and paste?”

Microsoft recognized the use of the copy and paste for when people take addresses and put them into browsers to find directions or add numbers into contacts, and will replace this feature with a new single-tap feature.

When an address, number or email address is sent to you, the phone will now automatically try and recognize it and give the user the ability to tap the line and have a plethora of options pop up.

While I support this new innovation, I think it’s a bit premature to think that copy and paste are features you can throw away.? Most phones already have the built in feature to auto detect these types of numbers and addresses, so why do we NEED to get rid of the copy and paste features?? Also, not all of my friends format addresses, phone numbers and emails the same.? Some of my friends abbreviate or have ‘dificulty speling n use abbr. wen they tlk’- will my phone recognize that?

I’m a bit concerned for this new “copy and paste”less phone.? We’ll have to give it a test to completely write it off but as of now, I’m skeptical and skepticism isn’t what Microsoft needs in the mobile market as it is trying to regain some ground in the war with Google’s Android Platform and the Apple iPhone.