Just a bunch of Ethernet

Creative Commons License photo credit: flickrsven

The Internet holds a vast database of information waiting to be plucked and manipulated to show you the answers you are looking for.? I’m confident most of our users use the Internet to stay in touch with friends and update their social networking sites, but did you know the Internet could help you save money or be the most useful resource you have.

I thought of some specific cases that most people never explore on the Internet and outlined why they are important and how to get started.

Your entire Internet experience can start and end at one location: Google.? Start using Google’s awesome search functions for saving money and time.

Whenever you go shopping, whether it be online or at local stores, always use Google for coupons.? You can search “Coupons for ****” and find coupons that other users have not used or hidden deals and gems that others have exploited for the public.? A great forum for hot deals and coupon codes is Fatwallet.

Research businesses, deals, phone numbers and more on the Internet.? I had a friend recently tell me she had a random number harassing her phone number the past week but she had no idea who the number belonged to.? With a quick Google shirt, she discovered the number belonged to a company who has had several other complains about abusing cell phone numbers and was able to get herself removed off the list.

Start utilizing the full potential of the Internet and unlock all the secrets it holds.