I was with a friend this past weekend who was complaining about his computer.? Naturally I thought it was generic computer slow down or even some spyware, but when I saw heard his next symptom, it shocked me to believe he continued to use his machine.

My friend told me that his computer was playing advertisements through the speakers and he was unaware why it was happening.? To his best ability, he thought he was browsing safe and using his computer well, but apparently that was not the case.

When I opened up a task manager and did some scans, I found my friend had a Trojan horse on his machine.

I used Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and removed the Trojan from the computer, but my friend usually scans with this product as well as another anti-virus.

My message to all of you is to make sure you plan to scan as often as possible.? While I do not think you should live in a bubble and be in fear to use your computer, you should schedule scans once or twice a month if possible.

Imagine having a file on your computer that submits all of your private information…and it can be downloaded and placed on your computer right under your nose.? Be safe and scan as frequently as possible.

Use the forums here to make sure you’re doing everything right to insure you are being a safe computer user!