The Apple iPad is set to be released tomorrow and the expectations for the new Apple device seem to grow every hour.

The Apple iPhone and iPod Touch were foundational devices in their own due to the “apps” that were developed for each device, but I can’t help but wonder what the new iPad will cause.

The iPad will certainly command its own apps due to its larger size, better functionality and affordability compared to the iPhone but can it really set a new industry standard for Apple Apps?

The iPad features a large screen built on a thin computer design.? It is multi-touch enabled and boasts a beautiful display that is portable, light weight, and cheap.? What type of apps can we expect for this new product?? Should we expect the same apps as the iPhone and only expect users to create apps for both iPhone and iPad or will there be new applications that are only designed to be used on the iPad?

I think the new iPad should open a new market for developers everywhere.? The large screen makes it much easier to code for and contains a much larger room to develop for.? Most apps have to keep in mind the small screen size of the iPhone or iPod Touch but the iPad has more room to play around with!? ESPN is supporting an app that turns the iPad into a scoreboard, there are apps rumored to support crosswords and sudoku’s (which can be downloaded for the iPhone) but it would be much more recognizable and user friendly on the larger interface of the iPad.

The iPad may be a device that was rushed out of production and a device I find to be a bit too obsolete (already) for its era, but the apps that are developed for the device should set a new standard for the industry and cause a tidal wave of creativity.