Wow what a week again with the new Motorola Droid released on Friday for Verizon Wireless.? For those of you who might be thinking the “Droid” is something that came out of Star Wars, I assure you it is much cooler than that.? The Motorola Droid is a new PDA/Smart Phone running Android 2.0 from Google and has been dubbed the newest “iPhone Killer.”

I was going to make this post more about the new phone and its features but I got to thinking and there was something that really made me think, What the Tech?!? Why does every new phone that comes out have to be marketed as the iPhone Killer?? I want to comment about the engineering and innovation that these mobile companies lack if all they are trying to do is market a phone to resemble a phone that has been already created!

Technology only advances with new ideas and ideas that think outside the box.? Sure we can slowly progress with modifications and updates on current technology but the key word is “slow” progression.

Ever since the iPhone was released, these new smart phones are all designed to compete with the features of the iPhone or even mimic the phone itself rather then come out with new features or a new design that would be more revolutional in itself.

The new Droid came out with the “iDont” commercials; a strict comparison directly to the iPhone.? While the Droid has some features that the iPhone lacks (real keyboard, better camera, some better software), the same can be said about the iPhone that the Droid does not have as well.

One of the problems that was caused with the release of the iPhone is the patented technology of the multi-touch system and other similar features used by Apple products.? It greatly hindered the production of phones that could compete with the iPhone because they were unable to use these great features in their phones.? In my opinion, I would hope that they would explore new options not yet created that were new rather then try to stay (closely) behind the iPhone.? Just think…what did Apple have before it created something new and original?? Why shouldn’t mobile companies be operating under the same mind set?

I get pretty riled up when hear phones market themselves as the new iPhone killer.? It reflects the lack of originality and innovation which is what I expect from these tech giants.? Is there anyone out there who has new ideas again?