Merry Christmas to everyone from What the Tech!? We hope you’re having a safe and happy holiday season!? Many of us will be opening some awesome tech toys such as cameras, computers, iPods or other mp3 devices…but whats the first thing to do with them once you finally rip it out of the packaging?

I’ve been pretty unimpressed by the start-up guides and installation instructions manufacturers include with gadgets today, I mean it’s as important as the warranty information they bombard us with; What the Tech!?

1) If you opened up a computer this holiday season, I first suggest you boot up the computer, enter in your personal information and then remove any of the pre-installed “crap” companies love to throw on there.? Some of these programs could be anti-viruses that take up a chunk of system resources or those annoying help icons that pop-up every 3 seconds.

Next update the computer with any new drivers that might’ve been updated recently using the Microsoft Update website.

Be sure to include your favorite anti-virus programs as recommended by What the Tech and then move over your personal data and you’re good to go!

2) Cameras- they always come in handy around the holidays, so the first thing to do is to make sure you have enough memory installed on the camera.? If a flash memory card was not included with the camera, have that be your next purchase.? The camera itself usually can only hold around 8-32 pictures so it becomes pretty useless with out some external memory.? Next, determine if you need to install that bulky software that allows you to download pictures onto your computer.? New operating systems such as Windows 7 include pre-installed software that only require you to plug in your camera via USB or insert the memory card into a memory card reader.

3) iPods or mp3- reformat and reinstall software.? I recommend this only to remove the junk that might be installed on the music player (such as demos) as this allows you to fully utilize the entire space of your device!

Enjoy the Tech Season!