Stop sending me Facebook invites or suggesting pages!? I can’t stand when people spam out their Facebook friends or twitter followers just for some dumb suggestion or promotion!

When I friend someone on Facebook, I trust I won’t be giving them something that will make me regret later.? Unfortunately, I’ve been seeing in the past couple months that your sending or confirming a Facebook friend is like giving out your email address.? It’s personal and if given to the wrong person, you could be expecting a whole bunch of crap including spam, invites, events, e-invites…where does it end?!

I can’t stand those Facebook ‘addicts’ who have nothing else better to do then send me ridiculous suggestion pages or invitations for fundraisers or asking for more of my time.? I use Facebook to stay connected, not to find new bands or indy films or MORE of my time to waste on stuff going on at your location which is probably about 1000 miles away from mine.? Don’t invite me if it doesn’t pertain to me.? If I wanted music suggestions, I’ll ask you, because my inbox is filling up with emails from Facebook saying “So and So is sending you a music suggestion about a band they just heard” and I CAN’T TAKE IT!

Sure I could easily turn of notifications and stop having Facebook send me emails, but what about the times when people legitimately write on my wall and I miss them because I don’t check Facebook every 5 seconds.? Those of you who send out invites to the entire world, rethink it next time you click my name or the name of anyone on your friends list because I guarantee more then 50% of those people are starting to like you less because of it.