Ever purchase or use a prepaid cell phone?? The simplicity of the entire process is almost beautiful.? Walk into a store, find a phone, purchase some minutes and walk out.

The simplicity of these phones might be on their way out as government officials are concerned about the anonymous ability of someone being able to purchase a line without any identification.

Everyone has seen some movie where criminals or terrorists purchase prepaid cell phones and then ditch them in the trash to avoid run ins with the law.? Our smart technological world can now trace, track and match cell phones quickly to help law enforcement catch the bad guys but prepaid cell phones provide a nice slip away.

Besides these criminals, there had been an activity of Wall Street traders using prepaid cell phones to provide inside information to other traders and avoid any trail to their name.

The new proposed laws would require some sort of identification to be hooked up to the phone when purchased.? Legitimate users of prepaid cell phones by people trying to escape from their current lives, telemarketers or trying to report something while STAYING anonymous will not support this law as both arguments have their pros and cons.

Where do you stand?