What can an aspiring geek do outside of computer forums?? I like to take thing apart and put them back together, so I’m looking for the next step!? Any advice is very much appreciated!

There are do it yourself kits for all hobbies; flying, arts and crafts, cooking, wood working…What The Tech?! Why not look into projects and kits for computers and aspiring geeks too!

DIY Electronics are a huge way to expand your knowledge of computers into circuitry and small devices that operate all around you!? Ever thought of building your own alarm clock, proximity sensor, temperature monitor…etc?? Here’s some ways to get involved in computer and electronic projects.

Recently, I ordered a micro-controller called an arduino.? A micro-controller is almost like a very basic CPU that operates with some inputs and outputs to solve a task or handle a problem.? An arduino is a programmable micro-controller that is very popular amongst computer hobbyists!

I think it’s pretty unfortunate that most schools do not build these types of classes into their curriculum.? Circuitry and basic electronics are a great way to get involved to one day build your own computer, or other electronic project.

If I were you, go onto a website like www.SparkFun.com and order an arduino!? Before you order one though, search the web for some cool beginners projects that might appeal to you.? I’ve seen some people create cool touch screen pads, lights that respond to music, proximity sensors and much more.? Let us know how it goes, I’d be excited to hear what you come up with!