The new wave of smart phones, large SD cards and ideology of “carry less is smarter” only spells one thing; the death of mp3 players.? More and more, I see people using their phones for music rather then the once popular Apple iPod.

Apple recently reported declining sales on the product supporting the theory and who can argue against it.? I’ve moved to a 16 gig SD card in my blackberry or Android phone which is already in my pocket and some flimsy fold-able ear buds; its great!

Carrying around too many components today has become frowned upon.? No longer do we live in the days where we need to carry around a phone, a PDA, a mp3, a laptop…we just need our phone.? My phone has the internet, scheduled tasks, an mp3 player, Microsoft Office…what more do I need when I’m out and about!? I love not having bulging pockets that weigh my pants down and make my belt work over time.? Who knows, maybe that will stop the popular “pants sagging fad” among teenagers; it might have been a weight issue!

Some may argue that you can watch a movie or read a book on the iPod but if you’re really using a 2.5 inch screen to watch a movie or read a book…well I think you might have some other issues to worry about first.

I’m throwing it out to the readers, do you use a cell phone and an mp3 or have you made the switch to just once device?? Are you using Pandora on your phone or a large SD card?? Have at it!