Great websites are becoming global moving out of the traditional “.com” “.net” or the “.org” we’ve all become familiar with.? Country domain names are more recognizable and are producing some strong useful webpages such as the .UK (United Kingdom website) or the .AU (Australia).

In a recent study from McAfee, it was found that some countries have more harmful websites based on their geographical location and ending “domain”….so some countries have websites that are more dangerous than others based on their domain name ending.? Curious to know what countries have the highest volume of dangerous websites?

It has been found that the countries of Cameroon and China have the highest volume of malicious websites.? 36.7% of all of .CM (Cameroon) domains are found to be malicious followed by .CH (China) 23.4% which was double of last year.

What the Tech?? It was news to me that a domain ending in a top-level domain can be malicious?? I thought there were more regulations and stricter laws if you are using a domain representing your country almost like the .gov or .org type of domain!

I decided to blog on this subject to bring more users aware on the dangers of browsing on websites that have funny endings or content you might not be use to!? Just because you are not a web master or a computer guru, you do not have to feel incompetent when driving your browser…your gut feeling is usually right!