Are you watching TV shows, movies and live events on your computer more than your actual TV?

Is it the lack of time, lack of commercials or convenience that has recently driven me to watch more of my favorite TV programs on my computer rather than my actual television!

Watching shows and live events on a computer has become so popular…is the TV slowly dying?? What the Tech?!

It’s a Tuesday afternoon, I did not have time to watch the latest episode of 24 last night, so I pull it up on my computer.? I throw it to the side on my second monitor and pull up my emails on my primary screen.? Ahh the ability to multi-task and still keep up with my favorite shows!

I’ve become hooked with watching TV shows on my computer.? Since the release of ESPN 360, I can watch my favorite sporting events on my screen without even subscribing to those expensive packages from my cable provider.? I don’t feel like such a waste of space because while I’m watching my favorite shows, I can respond to some emails, pull up some data charts or check out what else is going on in the world outside of “Jack Bauer” and his world-saving day.

TV shows that are 30 minutes or an hour can be around 22 minutes or even 42 minutes without commercials!? That amount of time adds up week by week or even day by day for those of us who have more then multiple programs we like to enjoy.

While there are inventions and gadgets like the TiVo which help record shows and save on commercial time, its something about having it on your computer which makes it easier and more portable if need be.? Anyone else there saving some time and multi-tasking like myself?