Cell phone security is a growing market due to the reliance we put on our mobile devices.

Whether it be the office emails or your bank information, our cell phones are becoming more like our present day computers and the information that each phone has is becoming more and more valuable.

This past week, I looked at an article from Engadget which discussed how Apple wants to impose some new security to help protect their iPhone users.? While it does restrict some freedom’s, I couldn’t help but think their ideas and technology may find their way to become mainstream soon.

The idea of cell phone security may evolve to a place where phones would be able to use voice or facial recognition to determine who is the user currently scrolling through a phone or trying to place a call.? Where I find this valuable is when you give your phone to a friend to borrow and they end up scrolling through your texts or emails.

I think a phone that could use a front facing camera to determine the user is valuable because it may lock or protect certain programs, apps or functions of the phones like the messaging applications or bank apps.

I would be in support of cell phone security like stated above, but it has its drawbacks.? Do you think you would like a cell phone that had those features?? Would it be important to you?

With the path and development of our mobile devices, we’re going to have to look at alternative ways besides 4 digit codes or swipe patterns on a screen as those can easy be deduced or decoded from the fingerprint marks on glossy touch screen phones.