shopping_lines It was a crazy shopping day for everyone on Black Friday with sales and marked down items every store nationwide!? I consider Black Friday an exciting day for all shoppers as hot items, including electronics, are offered at a more discounted price.

While Black Friday is special in its savings and deals, why do the stores have to open at 4 a.m?? What the Tech?!? Best Buy was a mad house by 3:30 and the parking lot was flooded with people trying to grab their Christmas and holiday gifts early this year.

Black Friday deals were great this year for electronics with plenty of shopping available online!? iPod Nanos were discounted 13% and monitors were cheap with Dell monitors available for $99 for a 20″ screen!

I’m glad that electronic shopping has moved online so I don’t have to wait at 4 a.m. in a parking lot only to be shoved by an old lady whose trying to get “Rock Hero” for her son’s “Boxy 360.”

I’ve learned some great tips to be more prepared for next years Black Friday.

1) Check online: for websites such as or which have the latest up to date deals that will be available Friday morning.? The best part about a website like Fatwallet is how other members can link together deals with coupons that are also out on the internet to push savings even further!

2) Check the morning paper: I felt so stupid this morning not having checked the paper before I left for additional coupons and discount deals that include freebies and free store credit for the first xx customers through the door.

3) Make a priority list: of what you want, how bad you want it and what is that store near!? I ended up chasing stores in different directions for items which ended up being sold out by the time I got there.? It was poor planning on my end but next year I’ll be more prepared.

Anyone get a good haul they’d like to share?