Before you go on further, this post is not about the movie Avatar, but it is about the concept about Avatars. I was helping a friend to re-arrange some furniture and I came across an article he dog eared about “Avatars in Congress.”? I picked it up because I was intrigued by the title and I was in for a real shock.

Avatars are a way for someone to display and control themselves virtually.? Picture it as a virtual clone that can appear anywhere you want and do your bidding!? While this technology is obviously in fictional phase, there were talks about using it for Congress?!? What the Tech?!

Could you imagine a nation where our leaders are running business and making laws in virtual form?? The argument can be split in two ways- the good of using avatars and the bad.

The good:? In situations like Congress- you would be able to avoid having tons of important people in one room in case of an attack and it would cut down on travel costs to and from Washington which will help our budgeting problems!

The bad: I’m not sure how comfortable and safe it is to have an avatar make laws…security issues, connection issues, networking issues or even someone breaching security and faking to be the avatar.

I do support the idea of avatars, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for our nation to be governed by it.? I think it could be useful for more dangerous situations or was meant to prevent travel for jobs that are on the road? but can it really replace face to face interaction?

For once, I’m going to have to deny technology and say business and decision making is done on paper and face to face…