If you saw Avatar in 3D, you’d be able to understand and appreciate the movement of movies in theaters pushing to advanced technology; not in the special effects department but in the presentation of the movie itself.

I kept the 3D glasses the movie theater gave me, not for sentimental value, but because of the changes to computers, televisions on movies we should be expecting to see soon.

Cable providers and television networks should be making a push to film and broadcast in HD and in 3D.? Imagine watching sports games such as the Superbowl or World Series in HD/3D.? The action and presentation would be incredible!

Nvidia released a 3D gaming card for desktop computers late last year.? At the Windows 7 launch party in New York, I was able to experience first hand how the gaming industry will change.? I was pleasantly surprised by how cool the experience to fly or be in a first-person shooter in 3D.

The feedback regarding the move to 3D is split.? While it would be a great new innovation that I expect to see by the end of this year, I’m wondering about the broadcasting of channels in 3D for users who are running in and out of the kitchen or just want to grab the scores off the bottom line tickers.? Would it be practical to have a channel broadcasted 3 times?? Once in regular standard definition, one in high definition and one in 3D?

What are you’re thoughts on the matter?