New laptops and desktops are being designed with 3D display video cards for a whole new level of computer experience.? Imagine playing any video game on your full tower or portable machine in 3D with quality as good as theaters!

nVidia is the first to start this process with the release of some of their new mobile chips to integrate with a new Batman game for a 3D computer game…but yes you still have to wear the glasses.

As a big geek, I plan on buying a new 3D television.? I’ve had the opportunity to use a 55″ Samsung 3D TV and to demo this new Batman game in 3D; it’s quite the rush!? The one thing that bothers me with both of these new devices is the 3D glasses and how annoying and uncomfortable it is to wear them.

Anyone whose seen a movie in theaters in 3D knows the discomfort and annoying feeling of those big 3D ‘goggles’ on your face.? We’re moving towards a future where even people who do not wear regular glasses might have to carry a pair of 3D glasses around or worse; people who have glasses now have a second pair to worry about.

Anyone prefer the non-3D game play or movie screen instead of the alternative?