I was wondering if there was anyway to legally watch the Windows 7 Launch online somewhere?? It seems interesting and the pictures on the website are nice, but I would like to see how they did it live and some more demonstrations.? Thanks!

In this day and age, everything is posted online…including video!? With media giants like YouTube and Hulu, you’re bound to see some cell phone footage or even someone who brought a hand held video camera.

For this type of large event, Microsoft made sure they had their own crew in place to video tape the event and actually stream it live during the launch.

For those users who wish to watch the Windows 7 Launch Live, navigate here.

The full launch video is just a pinch above 54 minutes, so those of you who might be under a time crunch, I suggest the following:

1) Keynote introduction of Kylie to Steve- just plain cute and fun to watch how Microsoft kept it light and family friendly at the event!

2)? Ballmer thanks the Windows Community- some very interesting facts on how many testers and engineers were put to the manufacturing as well as the wide variety of flavors of the new Windows 7 and the form factors you should expect to see it on soon.

3) Whats new in Windows 7- a no-brainer to check out the new features and hardware that Windows 7 will include which sets it apart from its predecessors.? My personal favorite parts of this clip are the new technology that is about to be released with Windows 7 as the main OS.

4) Windows 7 Touch Capabilities- the most impressive part of the new operating system has to be the touch capabilities and functions.? If you’ve been debating on a new TV or new PC, this clip is for you.? This is the clip that will leave you with the “wow” effect…

Enjoy, let us know what you thought about the event or the clips you watched!