The landline has been on its way out for the past few years with the expansion of the mobile market.? Vonage took the battle one step further delivering a crushing blow to the landline with the addition of their new Time To Call iOS VoIP app that does not require Vonage service. For those who ever have called anyone overseas or used VoIP, this is the newest app you need to download on your iOS device and try out today!

Oh…and they sweetened the deal with the chance for someone on WhatTheTech to win an iPad 2!

The Time To Call app is available for any iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod) as it can run on 3G, 4G and wifi.? The best part of this application is its support for numerous countries at an incredibly low price with the best quality available on the app store.? While Skype has support for video calling, it does not compete with the VoIP quality that Time To Call offers. Not only is the interface very clean, it makes it easy to call anywhere in the world without the use of any credit card billing, Vonage service or payment hassle.? The application links to your iOS account and can bill straight to your iTunes account which makes it easy to talk without having to worry about refilling minutes or paying attention to how much credit you have left.


The rates to place a fifteen minute call to 100 countries range from only $0.99 to $1.99, with the support for an additional 90 additional countries at a little higher rate.? I found the most popular countries included in that original 100 group which makes this app a steal.? Check out the press release and this video for some more information:


  • Free app with a first time free 15 minutes
  • Cheap calling option to 100 countries on the “cheap” list for $0.99-$1.99
  • Works on 3G, 4G and WiFi (making the iPod/iPad an option)
  • Easy to use interface and call quality
  • No need to watch money since it hooks up straight to your iTunes account
  • Much cheaper than any mobile option provided by your carrier


  • 90 countries can be more expensive with up to $9.99 per 15 minutes
  • No ability to have two way calling (cannot receive calls from this app)
  • Minutes expire after a year
  • No ability to check how many minutes are left (or at least I had a hard time not finding them)
  • No Android support
  • Could be some hidden taxes which aren’t upfront


Currently the app can be downloaded for free and includes a free 15 minutes of calling time…what more could you ask for?? If you still want more, Vonage is sponsoring a contest here on WhatTheTech where we will be giving an iPad 2 away next week! There are some other websites participating in the same sponsorship, so check out the other participants and enter as many as you can to win an iPad 2.