I am trying to backup my Vista computer to a network drive and get the message: “The network share could not be accessed for the following reason: No mapping between account names and security IDs was done. (0x80070534) Please ensure the network Location is valid.”

I had to do some research to figure out your problem but it seems like a simple fix.? You need to go into the properties for both folders that you are backing up and where you are backing up to and change some settings!

To start, open up the properties tab for folder settings in Control Panel.? In the Security tab, uncheck the option? for “Simple Folder Sharing.”

The next step after that is complete is to edit the folder you are trying to back up to.? If you are doing this to an external hard drive or just another location, make sure you create a folder for your back up first if it hasn’t been done.

Open the properties tab once again for this folder and look in security.? Set the option to “Full Control,” and you should be able to copy and back up as desired.